We at MAG Prop Studio, have built stunt props and safety weapons for many large and small productions being filmed in the GTA and across North America.


We have experience molding and casting all kinds of complex objects of every size, and matching the look of any prop in hard replicas or soft safety versions.


Additionally, being a division of Movie Armaments Group, we have access to their wide array of firearms, weapons and tactical gear. That allows us to work seamlessly with them and provide you with both real and fake versions of whatever your scene needs.


All firearms, restricted/prohibited weapons and items are 

are registered under the official business licence of Movie Armaments Group.
They are handled with all the necessary care and paperwork required by law.

We will always make sure that your production follows the rules and has a safe experience with our equipment. 

If you specifically require a firearm or safety weapon, please feel free to contact us, or to contact Movie Armaments Group directly at:

Mon - Fri: 8am - 4pm

Tel: 416-465-4352

4 Carlaw Avenue, Unit # 2

Toronto, ON M4M 2R5